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Can I Preview The Documentation Before I Purchase the Course?

Certainly. You will be able to view the format of the “Level 1″ course from the Method page. Keep in mind that it will be important to have the actual instructional video along with the text in order to better understand the method.

Is it necessary to purchase the Teach Yourself course to use FLR?

Absolutely not. The purpose of the Teach Yourself Course is vocabulary that you wouldn’t see in the FLR course. You could use that particular vocabulary with the sentences that you’ll be making for the FLR course. It’s only a recommendation, not obligatory.

Where can I find my item purchase code?

You will be provided an order number after every purchase you make on the website.

If I feel that this particular course doesn't suit my learning style, will I be able to get a refund?

Generally, it takes at least 3 months to complete each level of the course. After spending at least THREE MONTHS time with the course a 50% refund will be issued if you feel that you haven’t made any progress.

What level will I be able to achieve after working through the FLR course?

After each course level you should attain a CEFR level as well. Check out the PRIVATE TUTORING page for more details on the levels.

In general, how much time should I spend working through the FLR course?

This information will be available to you in the instructional video that will be included in the course.

Will there be any future updates for the FLR course?

Whenever there is an update to a particular course, a new link for buyers of that course will be generated to get the new update.

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