FLR Level 1: An Overview
August 12, 2016
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FLR Level 2: An Overview

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Last time, we thoroughly perused the contents of FLR Level 1. This time, we’re going deeper down the rabbit hole. Level 2 of FLR reinforces what you’ve already learned, while also allowing you to make great leaps in your ability to communicate in your target language.

No further introduction is needed this time. Let’s take a look inside.

8 More Weeks

Much like Level 1, Level 2 is broken up into 8 weeks of study.

BUT, don’t go looking for single sentences this time around. You will not find them here.

Russian 1

FLR Level 2 takes you straight into long-form conversations. No time is wasted. It’s all about preparing you for real life interactions, with no filler included.

Each lesson, you are given a fairly sizeable dialogue. Nothing more, just a dialogue. However, in keeping with the spirit of FLR, each dialogue is designed to strengthen your conversation skills and comprehension.

Useful Vocabulary

Every single dialogue is jam-packed with an abundance of vocabulary immediately useful for daily conversations. Going beyond the basics introduced in Level 1, Level 2 will equip you with the ability to navigate a wide variety of subjects.

FLR eschews any language that is obscure or esoteric. Moreover, the oh so boring typical “the boy wants a cat”-type textbook dialogue is nowhere to be found.

As you might expect, many topics are introduced in contexts that make extensive use of FLR keywords to further train your ability to build complex sentences.

Grammar Without Grammar

As with Level 1, FLR Level 2 exposes you to a lot of grammar and constructions without studying them directly. All grammar points are presented within a context, which allows you to grasp them with less effort.

As Steve Kaufmann would say, one of the most important factors in learning foreign languages is having the ‘ability to notice’.

Repetition is the best way to get a feel for the grammar of a language. Constant exposure will allow patterns to become apparent and you will develop an instinctual sense of what ‘sounds right’.


Natural Speech

The audio that comes with FLR Level 2 is not slowed down or unnaturally enunciated. You’re getting native audio in its most natural form.

Being prepared for real life conversations in your target language requires sufficient exposure to authentic speech.

You can use the Level 2 audio as a model for how you should be speaking. Listen closely and allow yourself to absorb the musicality of the language. Mimic the pronunciation and intonation until it becomes second nature to you.

Text & Translation

All of the readings are presented in the native text with a translation provided. This is highly beneficial when going deeper in your studies with more difficult material.

Reading and listening at the same time make it easier for your brain to grasp things you might otherwise have difficulty with. The more mental connections you are able to make, the better.

Also, because translations are included, you can test your comprehension of the material with translation exercises. This way, you can evaluate your own understanding of the language and self-correct because the answers are already provided.

Putting it all Together

FLR Level 2 will be much more challenging than Level 1, but if you stick with it, you’ll be thoroughly equipped for daily interactions. FLR is meant to be versatile and adaptable. No matter what new knowledge you pick up, you’ll easily be able to incorporate it into the techniques you’ve learned progressing through FLR.

Go hit the battlefield! Enjoy leveling up!




Brian Camus
Brian Camus
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