Professor Alexander Arguelles

Steve Kaufman
November 3, 2015
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Professor Alexander Arguelles


More than anything else, I am truly impressed by the degree to which Moses most clearly and truly actively thinking in the languages as he speaks them at the relative length of three or four minutes at a time.

He has put forth a tremendous amount of time and energy in pursuit of our common passion, and as a result he has not only already attained admirable results, but he holds the promise of being a core teaching polyglot for years to come.

I am pleased to endorse Moses McCormick’s website, and I do so for three reasons.

First of all Moses is an accomplished polyglot. His ability to learn languages, many languages, difficult languages, unrelated languages, is remarkable. I speak a few languages myself and can vouch for the comfort level that Moses has achieved in these languages.

Secondly, Moses has developed an approach to language learning that not only works for him, which is obvious, but also works for others. I have had confirmation of this from people who have followed his approach. He did not learn languages as a young child, but developed his approach to language learning “on the job???, while learning his languages.

Finally, I have observed that Moses is a generous person who is always willing to provide advice to aspiring language learners. He is sincere and unassuming, and yet he has positively influenced many people, encouraging them to learn languages, and helping them achieve their goals.